Cortelha Walking Tour

Cortelha Walking Tour showcases Algarve interior

The Associação Amigos da Cortelha is organising a walking tour to share the natural and cultural heritage of the Algarve’s interior.

The village of Cortelha, located in the parish of Salir, is hosting its «São Martinho Walking Tour» on November 12. The annual initiative, traditionally held on Saint Martin’s Day or Martinmas (November 11), aims to share the Algarve’s interior with a seasonal taste of roasted chestnuts and medronho.

Designed to highlight the Serra do Caldeirão’s unique natural heritage and walking paths in the Cortelha area, ehe «São Martinho Walking Tour» will allow participants to have get in touch with nature along several trails that cross the extensive arbutus forest in the area.

Along the approximately 10 km route, participants will observe a windmill, the typical Schist Houses, and drink water from various sources.

The meeting point is scheduled at 08h30 in Cortelha, with the tour starting at 09h00.

At the end of the tour, all participants will taste the magusto serrano – traditional food and drinks to celebrate the day – made up of chestnuts, sweet potatoes, chorizo, cheese, homemade bread and medronho brandy.

Registration costs €15 (non-members) and €12 (members) and must be done online (here). Payment must be made at the tour secretariat on November 12 before departure.

The initiative is organised by the Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha with the support of the Loulé City Council and the Salir Parish Council.