Corte Real Gallery’s Carvoeiro pop-up renewed

A small but stunning selection of some of the latest works from Corte Real Gallery in Paderne can now be enjoyed at their pop-up gallery in the Carvoeiro offices of estate agents Fine & Country.

The main focus of the new exhibition is the work of artist Jean-Pierre Kunkel. Internationally recognised for his work, which regularly adorns the covers of major news magazines, he has presented his pieces at world-renowned art fairs.

The original works on show in Carvoeiro from his “Icons” series showcase his fascination with combining different art forms. In these pieces, photorealistic portraits of figures such as actor Steve McQueen are complemented by details associated with them scattered around almost like a collage, such as the Vogue logo across the Kate Moss’ portrait or the Martini glass and ‘007’ logo on the painting of Sean Connery.

Other works on show include some stunning black and white pottery all made in Portugal and a small collection of cheeky black and white photos printed on canvas.

The Fine & Country office on Rua do Barranco in Carvoeiro is open Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 5.30pm, with reduced opening hours between December 17 and January 3.