Corrupt people need to be named, shamed and punished

Dear Editor
I still cannot get over the fact that the Portuguese government was allowed to vote against a body who supervises their spending. Instead of protesting against austerity, tolls and for jobs, people need to press relentlessly on an effective way to plug the holes of the state coffers in the first place. And that’s what the troika should do as well.
If Portugal wants to be a model for recovery out of the crisis, it needs to eliminate waste which goes into billions every year. We should aim for the following: the most efficient administration, like a very lean managed company and to rise to the Top 10 of countries in ease of doing business AND least corrupt countries (out of which many are in western and northern Europe, so our sister countries can help us implement the necessary measures).
I suggest that we offer a deal to the best auditors: Go through all the public administration’s books of the past 10 years, search for inefficient administration and corruption and suggest changes. Payment: 1-5% of the future savings for a while – so they will do their best and everybody wins! The corrupt people will be named, shamed and punished and their assets frozen to pay back what was stolen.
This will show everyone that Portugal does not allow bribery and corruption anymore from this point on. Plugging the holes will make all choking measures like higher taxes and less spending in education unnecessary.
The brain drain will stop and Portugal can build on their unique position as a link between Europe and big, growing economies it has ties with, like China, India, Brazil, Angola etc. With good politics, Portugal has a proper chance of being a wealthy nation. The only question is: How can we force the ones who make the decisions to become efficient and pay for their sins when it is so uncomfortable for them? Strikes and demonstrations? A new political party?
This is the most important question!
P.Germers, by email