Corrupt cop suspended

An official investigation has been opened after a PSP police agent was suspected of handing out false fines to people driving foreign cars in Lamego, northern Portugal. Apparently, the PSP police service in Viseu was alerted to the agent’s illegal activities after the policeman stopped a Spanish car owner and fined him. “He was acting suspiciously, so I contacted the police station and asked them if what he had done was legal,” the car owner said.

After some investigation, the Viseu PSP opened a file on the police agent’s activities and forwarded it to the Public Ministry. Viseu PSP Commander, Simões de Almeida, revealed that the policeman has been suspended until the case is resolved. Apparently, the police agent, who has been accused of defrauding at least one foreigner, said that he had lost his record book at the time when he issued the fine. The investigation is set to continue.