Correcting myopia… while you sleep

Used successfully since 1986 in Australia and the US, and recently approved in Germany, Orthokeratology (ORTHO-K) is the correction of myopia during sleep using special contact lenses, and is now also available in Portugal.

With this technique a pre-programmed change in the cornea’s shape, without damaging it or even exerting any weight on it, is achieved through the use of rigid lenses at night. These ORTHO-K lenses create a slight subpressure through which the corneal tissue is somewhat ‘redistributed’, changing the refractive force of the cornea. The goal is to get rid of glasses or regular contact lenses and have good vision once again, though restricted to a limited period – normally daytime.

To qualify for the use of this procedure, the person suffering from myopia has to first undergo a complete eye examination, after which it –and if determined Orthokeratology is possible in their case – an adaptation period, with tight and regular check-ups for control, will take place. However one needs to be aware that to get rid of vision aids, the regular use of ORTHO-K lenses during sleep is required. And although myopia is corrected at night, it does not disappear overnight, despite the often euphoric behavior when, after a few days, the patient can see well and ‘freely’ again!

Orthokeratology (ORTHO-K) is now available at Óptica Órbita, in Loulé, always at the forefront of new and innovative solutions for our eyes.

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