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Coronation Street drops baby kidnap storyline

BRITISH television soap Coronation Street announced on Thursday (May 10) that a forthcoming storyline has been dropped because there were similarities with the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Filming had already begun on a storyline, which involved the disappearance of baby Freddie Peacock. Scenes from the forthcoming episodes featured the child’s parents, Ashley and Claire Peacock (actors Steven Arnold and Julie Haworth), appealing for information during press conferences and handing out pictures of the baby.

The storyline was due to run for several months and scriptwriters are now working to change the story, which was due to begin running later this month.

A spokesperson for the show, which is screened on ITV1, said that the story was not being axed, but was being rewritten because of the similarities to the Madeleine case, adding that they did not want to cause further distress for Madeleine’s parents.

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