Cork stoppers collection aids Lagos biodiversity

Environmental issues continue to be one of Lagos Municipality’s priorities and can be seen in a number of projects aided by the local community.

One initiative is evidenced in the collection of 35 tons of used cooking oil, and also in a significant increase in the quantity of cork stopperscollected during 2012 which amounted to 69.21 kilos brought to municipal buildings and schools. This was an increase of 82 percent compared to the previous year.

The largest number handed in was in the Escola J1/EB1 of Ameijeira with 31.81 kilos, followed by the Mercado da Avenida (11.9 kilos) and Edifício Paços do Concelho (10.9 kilos).

The collection is part of the “Green Cork” programme of recycling designed not only to transform the cork into other products but to enhance biodiversity and conservation in areas of forestation.

In general terms, it helps the environment by reducing waste and assisting in the planting and care of new trees. The environmental association Quercus points out that each kilo of recycled cork represents the equivalent of one tree planted and cared for.