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Cooking with garden produce for the young and not so young

A new book for children in English on organic gardening, growing and cooking has been released.

Entitled Nettles and Roses by Fernanda Botelho and Sara Simões, the picture book invites readers to spend a day with four children at an organic farm as they learn about plants and their uses in the kitchen.

The friends discover nettles and all their uses, learn how to make compost and the advantages of not applying chemical fertilisers.

They discover the meaning of conservation and biodiversity, the uses of some medicinal plants, and the importance of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and earthworms.

Before going home, they delight themselves with a special picnic of local, homemade organic foods, like elderflower juice, honeysuckle pancakes and a tasty salad with flowers.

They promise to return in the autumn to learn more, and bring their parents to try a delicious nettle soup.

The book is recommended for children from the age of seven as well as adults of any age who are willing to go a bit deeper into the practice of an organic way of living.

Rosie Peddle from the Mediterranean Garden Society – Algarve has read the book and said: “The book is lavishly illustrated with beautiful watercolour botanical paintings by Sara Simões and is 36 pages in hardback format. This is the first English edition of an established series of books for children on organic gardening and cooking with garden produce.”

There will be examples of the book arriving in the Algarve soon. Sintra-born Fernanda Botelho will also be at the Mediterranean Garden Fair on Saturday, November 3 to talk about her books.

To book a copy of the book, please call 912 183 904 or email [email protected]