Cooking in the sunlight

USING SOLAR power this summer could see residents cooking meals without using any gas or electricity.

A meeting held at the University of the Algarve on February 3, revealed several types of solar cookers.

Celestino Ruivo, a professor from the university, invited 30 people to lunch, with a range of dishes on the menu, cooked purely by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays.  The simplest solar cooker, a foil-lined cardboard reflector, dark pot and plastic bag, can cook one or two pots of food at a time by converting hundreds of watts of sunlight into heat.

The event formed part of a series of meetings named Encontro de Cozinhas Solares, discovering solar cooking, that are taking place throughout the Algarve in the run up to summer. Ruivo hopes they will encourage people to use solar energy for cooking in order to help protect the environment.

The next meeting takes place in Olhão on March 16.

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