Convict causes chaos on EN125

The Brigada de Trânsito of Faro GNR was given orders to stop a vehicle on the EN125 in the direction Loulé-Faro in Patação at 4.30am. When officers came across the vehicle, it ignored police signals to stop and carried out various dangerous manoeuvres to try and get away from the patrol car.

The driver was a 30-year-old registered drug addict, who had been on probation for a month after spending time in prison for theft and illegal driving.

He was relentless in his attempts to flee the police, travelling into the village of Pataçao, along the Mar e Guerra street before he was finally cut off in Braciais, four kilometres from the EN125. Blocked by two patrol cars, officers managed to pull the driver out the car and arrest him.

Police later discovered that the assailant had carried out a robbery in Montenegro moments before the car chase had begun.

He took some gold jewellery before taking the white Seat Ibiza parked in the driveway. The driver was carrying no identification or driving license.

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