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Convent could become luxury hotel


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MONCHIQUE CÂMARA has allowed its convent to fall into disrepair (see The Resident, October 19) despite having approval since 2004 to convert the building into a luxury 24 bedroom hotel.

The Convent of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, Our Lady of Exile, was bought from its private owners in 1985 by Monchique Câmara, who put the reconstruction of the building to tender in 2003.

A project was approved by the old Instituto Português do Património Arquitectónico, the Portuguese Institute of Architectural heritage (IPPAR), which has now changed to the Instituto de Gestão do Património Architectónico e Arquiológico, the institute for the management of architectural and archaeological heritage (IGESPAR).


A total investment of five million euros is needed to complete the project, which will maintain the façade of the convent and see the retention and restoration of original features.

The projected hotel will have two floors with 24 bedrooms, two of which will be suites and two specially equipped for disabled guests.

The ground floor will have the reception, a religious space, a space for exhibitions, a sacristy, a small lounge, a large lounge linked to the dining room and a reading room. The kitchen, bathroom facilities and staff dining room are also projected for the ground floor.

The bedrooms, administration office and lounge with bar will be divided between the first and second floors.

A swimming pool has been planned for outside, as well as the restoration of the two original water tanks, the construction of a technical area and toilet facilities.

A spokesman from Monchique Câmara said: “This will be a place worth visiting with high socio-cultural, tourist and economic interest for Monchique and the Algarve, once the Convent is restored.”

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