Controversy over cancellation of Kings’ Day party

FORMER PRESIDENT of Faro Câmara, José Vitorino, has lambasted the council over its decision to cancel the Kings’ Day party this year, a dinner that has been hosted since 2003, welcoming the borough’s poorest families to enjoy an evening out.

“What is at stake here are humanitarian values and charitable spirit. The dinner is aimed at the underprivileged, bringing together people from all ethnic groups, both Portuguese and immigrants, for an event initiated by the Câmara,” Vitorino said. In a bitter attack, he accuses the current president and his team of “taking an extremely worrying approach to a variety of issues that is not favourable for Faro and its residents”.

The council, however, has refuted his claim, commenting: “Fifty hampers were distributed to poor families at Christmas, plus a further 100 on Kings’ Day and care packages were given to the homeless.” Current President of Faro Câmara, José Apolinário, also took the opportunity to emphasise the fact that hundreds of vouchers were given to the underprivileged, entitling them to a free meal at the Misericórdia institution’s canteen.