Controversial discoveries

THE ALGARVE Archaeological Association (AAA) is holding a talk by Dr. Micael Cremo, entitled ‘The Discoveries of Carlos Ribeiro – A Controversial Episode in the 19th Century European Archaeology’, on Tuesday, February 7.

The subject of the talk is the work of Carlos Ribeiro, former director of Geological Survey of Portugal. In the years 1860-63, Ribeiro documented the discoveries of stone tools found at various sites in Portugal. Some of these sites were found to be of Tertiary age. When he presented his discoveries to scientists in 1871-72, his theories received mixed receptions to their provenance.

Dr. Cremo, a researcher in human origins for an institute in India, will discuss Ribeiro’s work and the controversy surrounding his theories. Dr. Cremo’s presentations have been received at the World Archaeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists.

A fee of five euros will be charged to non-members of the AAA. The talk will be held at Loulé’s municipal library, at 2.30pm, and at Lagoa’s Convento de São José, at 6.30pm. For more information, contact Maxine on 917 267 948.