Control your distance with wedges

Control your distance with wedges

Distance control is imperative in the scoring zone. It is the easiest way to save shots.

I suggest initially just practicing with one swing – the 9 O’clock to 3 O’clock swing.

Place your feet close together to avoid any lateral movement on the backswing. Gripping down will also give a little more control. Stay central, turn with a straight (but not stiff) left arm, then turn to the target with both arms long and to the target.

Your goal is to hit the ball first and the ground after.

Make a few practice swings swinging back to 9 O’clock and then through to 3 O’clock.

Set some targets on the range with head covers or baskets, say 50m, 65m and 80m.

Play balls with each of your short clubs – sand wedge, gap wedge and pitching wedge. Then note how far each ball flies; the markers will help you judge the distance.

Once you have consistent flight and distance control then you can adjust the length of your swing either shorter 8 to 4 or longer 10 to 2.

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By Graham Stewart

Graham Stewart is a British PGA professional with over 30 years’ experience. He is available for golf instruction for players of all levels, from complete beginners to tour winners.
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Develop your own system for distance control with each club so that you know what club and what swing will give you the correct distance.