Continuing issue of “Motorhomers” Letter 2

Dear Editor,

One realistic approach would be to follow the route of those who enter Switzerland as visitors and are asked – politely – at the Border Entry Point to pay  a Vignette – for their vehicle.

Yes, this is not compulsory for those who do not use the auto routes, but if you do use them without a Vignette, and get stopped by the police, then the costs are enormous. Like most with their tax returns, you may try and get away with it but the Swiss police are aware of what is going on – and are vigilant.

May I suggest that for all mobile homes/camper vans, etc. that enter into Portugal, and are not licensed with Portuguese plates, that the entry points to the country are re-established and those vehicles are asked to pay an annual charge.

Certainly, this should make a reduction on the unemployed register, as all border crossings will have to be manned 24/7. This will generate, through individual taxation, revenue to the government of the day, as will the charge levied on the vehicle that enters the country.

For those that are then ‘licensed’, parking at camp-sites would incur a reduction on the present charges and would be balanced – for the operator of the camp-site, by a ‘subsidy’ from the government.

The result of this would be that all parties would be happy in the knowledge that they are law.

Name and address withheld