Continuing issue of “Motorhomers” Letter 1

Dear Editor,

I refer once again to the above subject and to the Algarve Resident issue of March 5.

Firstly, Cindy. If the EEC ruling states that a motorhome is a car, then we have to accept it as such. I don’t agree with this but the law is the law. However, Portugal has “trimmed” this EEC law to state that while the motorhome is accepted in the country, it must be parked in the licensed and accepted sites and not just where the owner feels fit.

I am not dictating what you do, just where you do it – I look out of my apartment window, and at any one time can see as many as 10 motorhomes parked in a car park with NO facilities at all.

The law states that you cannot park where you want, when you want – go to an approved site please and then the majority of people here will accept you more.

Referring to Mark – I agree with all you say. I welcome all tourists and people, like me, who have decided to live and be resident here in the Algarve.

I don’t agree that motorhomers, however, can take the law into their own hands and park where they like, thus avoiding important revenue for the country, by refusing to park at the licensed sites.

Richard James

by email