Continente sells only Algarve oranges until June

Continente supermarkets will be selling only Algarve oranges until June.

The supermarket chain, owned by Sonae, has announced that it is purchasing 10,000 tons of oranges produced in the Algarve in order to supply the 274 Continente supermarkets in Portugal.

All oranges sold at Continente supermarkets will have been produced at one of the 2,000 certified orchards located between Tavira and Silves.

The oranges will also boast the PGI (protected geographical indication) stamp which identifies products that are produced in a traditional way and which have unique characteristics that are directly linked to the area in which they are produced.

“We value the authenticity of products,” says Ondina Afonso, the president of Continente’s producers club, adding that purchasing products from local producers helps the “economic and environmental sustainability of the country and national agriculture”.

Algarve oranges are famous for their colourful and shiny skins and for being deliciously juicy and sweet (click here).

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