Continente donates surplus food to Algarve institutions

Continente donates surplus food to Algarve institutions

Around €477,000-worth of surplus food from Continente supermarkets was donated to 43 institutions in the Algarve in 2019, including 31 humanitarian organisations and 12 animal associations.

The donations were made on a daily basis throughout the year via Missão Continente, a charitable initiative developed by Sonae’s Continente supermarkets.

Taking all of Portugal into account, the initiative saw €8.5 million-worth of surplus food going to charitable associations across the country, with an extra €3.8 million going to the company’s employees.

According to Missão Continente, these food items are considered surplus when they have “lost their commercial value” although they are still considered safe to eat.

“Fighting food waste is one of the pillars of Missão Continente which is committed to donating the products that clients no longer select to those in need,” it adds.

Institutions which are interested in receiving support via the Missão Continente initiative can obtain more information online (click here).

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