Content and digital marketing during the silly season – to do… or what to do?!

Yep, it’s that time of the year again and the silly season is upon us once more!

Traditionally during July and August, children are off from school, enjoying their well-deserved summer holidays (and driving most parents crazy in the process!) and most people tend to disappear and go on their summer break somewhere. Most parliaments are in recess and the media world, despite its 24/7 approach, also slows down, as there’s virtually no one to feed relevant news.

This impacts on marketing, especially for the small businesses, as there are less people around and less content, that can be used on websites, social media and so on, produced, which generally means less digital traffic and ultimately less leads and sales.

So, when it comes to content and digital marketing in the silly season, should we just use the “why bother approach”?

Clarity, a digital marketing agency based in the Algarve, tells us they prefer what they call the “squirrel approach”. That is, use the time available now and the relative lull of this season, “stock up” for when things get hectic again and go about all those things you said you’d do “once you had a bit of time”.

They advise you to take a deep look at your website and your social media. Do they need improvement? Is there something you’d like to do differently? Then you need to start working on it. Make the changes you’ve been dreaming of but never had the time to do.

Fill up your social media and blog calendars. Start writing and create a bank of content that you can use throughout the rest of the year.

Dive into your PPC accounts, review and refresh them.

Work on your website’s SEO and performance. Perhaps it’s time for an audit, to make sure you’re ranking as high as possible in Google search result pages and that people have a great experience with your brand when they “visit you online”.

Search for opportunities. The online newspapers, blogs and forums still need to fill in their pages, so it’s the perfect time to introduce yourself and your brand and perhaps do some guest blogging.

If possible, tap into what people are Facebooking or Instagramming during their vacation away, their beach days or even their barbecues and summer evenings – basically, if you work with anything from outdoor products to travel and leisure, everything is social media material, right? Keep a tablet, your phone or a note pad at hand, for you never know when inspiration might come knocking. Find and save articles that your social media followers (existing and potential ones) might find interesting, to use in the future.

In short, get creative, prepare for the rest of the year and make the most of what this season sends your way.

However, if you live in a holiday region such as our beautiful Algarve, it’s all hands on deck for those working in the tourism sector (roughly 60 to 80% of all businesses). In this case, don’t worry, for according to Clarity, content will come naturally and all you have to do is use it!

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