Contemporary artist exhibits in Water Museum

news: Contemporary artist exhibits in Water Museum

AN EXHIBITION of paintings by Portuguese contemporary artist, Luís Miguel Alcide d’Oliveira, is currently running at the city’s Water Museum in Rato.

Sponsored by Lisbon law firm Simmons & Simmons Rebelo de Sousa & Associates, the 36 oil and pastel paintings are dramatically back-dropped by the monumental surroundings of the Mãe d’Água reservoir, where water flowing via the Lisbon Aqueduct finally reaches its destination in Lisbon.

Luís Miguel Alcide d’Oliveira was born in Coimbra in 1942 and graduated as an electrical engineer at Lisbon’s Higher Technical Institute. But his talent and passion for painting soon brought him under the tutelage of painter Maria de Lurdes de Mello e Castro.

Luís lived in London for much of his career and had his paintings exhibited in France, Belgium and Portugal. In London, he had several exhibitions at Canning House and the Sally Hunter Fine Art Gallery. The themes of his paintings often revolve around English society and Portuguese immigrants living in London.

Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, managing partner for Simmons & Simmons Rebelo de Sousa, said: “We believe that a law firm can set the example in trying to promote exhibitions and talented artists.”