Consumer confidence in Portugal “at 17-year-high”

Spring is not simply in the air, it’s in people’s steps. National statistic institute INE has just reported that “consumer confidence” is at a 17-year-high following Bank of Portugal news of the national economic recovery (click here).

Confidence began growing last September, reports TVI24 – showing the first upward sign since the height of the austerity years in 2013, and the “highest upward trajectory since March 2000”.

The boost is a combination of economic ‘news’, the fact that unemployment is down and that “perspectives for the evolution of the financial situation of families” is positive.

INE shows that indicators for the country’s ‘economic climate’ climbed every month since January, after successive falls in the three months before.

On a cloudless day with brilliant sunshine, the only ‘virtual cloud’ on the immediate horizon comes in the warning that if Portugal goes on the way it is, the population will be down to just 7.5 million by 2080. That’s three million less citizens than the country counts now.

As politicians are saying, now is the time to “guarantee conditions” that encourage people to have children, and start investing in prospects for the country’s youth.

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