Consulate seminar on forest fire prevention

The British Vice Consulate in Portimão is organising a seminar in Silves about what steps to take to prevent forest fires and keep residents and their property safe.

The seminar will take place at the Municipal Library in Silves on July 18 between 4pm and 6pm. This will be in English, with the Portuguese authorities responsible for advising on the prevention, surveillance, intervention and combat of forest fires in attendance.

Guest speakers from the ICNF – Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e Florestas (Nature and Forest Conservation Institute), ANPC – Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil(Civil Protection Authority), the GNR Silves and a representative from the Silves town council will be presenting information on fire prevention, how the authorities deal with such incidents and our own responsibilities as members of the community.

The event is aimed at sharing important information with the public and will provide a unique opportunity for questions and answers on matters of interest and personal safety to residents.

Entrance is free, but as a gesture of support to the Bombeiros and the community, the consulate is inviting those attending to bring along non-perishable cartons of water, juice or milk for the Silves Bombeiros emergency supply, or one of the following items for inclusion in emergency kits to be distributed to families evacuated from their homes due to forest fires or other emergency situations: tracksuit, T-shirt, blanket, flip-flops or a children’s toy.

Please confirm your attendance at this event by email to bc.portimao@ or call 808 20 35 37 or 213 954 082, and follow instructions to extension 360 4793 to speak to a member of the consular team.