Consulate organises ‘one stop shops’

Intent on helping foreign residents get better acquainted with Portugal’s various services, the British Vice Consulate in Portimão is organising three events across the Algarve, entitled “Consular One Stop Shop”.
The consulate has teamed up with a number of different organisations, associations and charities, including social security services, SEF (Immigration Services), ARS (the Regional Health Authority), IMT (DVLA equivalent), Santa Casa da Misericórdia charity, AFPOP (foreign property owners’ association), CIMAAL (Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre), the Royal British Legion and the Municipalities of Faro, Portimão and Tavira.
The first event is scheduled for March 12, at Faro municipal market. A week later (March 19), the ‘one stop shop’ will be at TEMPO Theatre in Portimão, and on April 2, the initiative comes to a close at the Municipal Library in Tavira. The events start at 4pm and last two hours.
Attendance is free and you can register by email or telephone.
808 20 3537 extension 8601-0758 | [email protected]
Photo: Clive Jewell, British Vice Consul