Construction due to begin on Estoi Palace in 2007.jpg

Construction due to begin on Estoi Palace in 2007

RENOVATION work on Estoi Palace has been delayed until January 2007 by the National Tourism Company (Enatur).

When details of the proposals to restore the historic palace were first announced in February this year, it was planned that the work would start this month, September.

The financing and plans for the renovations in Estoi were approved by the Portuguese State Institute of Architectonic Heritage (IPPAR) in June, after a successful presentation by Enatur.

Architect Gonçalo Byrne has been selected to oversee the restructuring of the French style palace, constructing 49 rooms in a new wing to be built in Horta da Cega, containing a swimming pool, spa and café bar.

The baroque style kitchen will be transformed into a bar area and the stables will become conference and event rooms.

The project represents an investment of 10 million euros, which will provide an excellent source of support for the small village situated 10km from Faro.

The work is being financed by the State and European Community and is scheduled to finish by September 2008, in order to comply with a new European Union deadline.