Constitutional Court allows appeal by mother who saw seven children forcibly adopted

The shocking case of Cape Verdian mother Liliana Melo stripped of seven of her 10 children by a Sintra court in 2012 has seen Constitutional Court judges acknowledge the European Court of Human Rights and signal the go-ahead for a new trial. The ECHR ruled in February that Portugal was wrong to remove Ms Melo’s children, six of whom remain in institutions, and should pay her €15,000 in damages.

But for now, Ms Melo’s chief concerns are getting her children back, the youngest of whom are aged between four and 11.

As the Resident explained in February, the ECHR ruled that authorities repeatedly violated Article 8 in the Convention of Human Rights (relating to the right to privacy and family life) – particularly since Liliana Melo was actually prohibited from even visiting her children for almost three years.

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