Consortium chosen to renew EN125

Construction consortium Grupo Rodoviário Algarve Litoral (GR),  from the companies Edifer and Iridium, has been chosen by the government to carry out the renovation works on the EN125 as well as being awarded a 30-year contract for the road’s maintenance, at a total estimated cost of 400 million euros.

Prime Minister José Sócrates first announced the multi-million euro renovation project with Public Works Minister, Mário Lino, during a surprise visit to the Algarve in March last year (see the Algarve Resident edition, March 20, 2008).

According to Mário Lino, GR was chosen because the cost of the road’s maintenance from GR at 218 million euros was 68 per cent less than predicted in the studies.

The proposal from GR is due to cost 50 per cent less in total than the viability studies had predicted.

The Civil Governor of Faro, Isilda Gomes said that the renovation of the EN125 “will reinforce the security, mobility and improve the quality of the environment”.

João Faria, President of the CCDR, the regional development commission, said that the CCDR will be working together with the region’s Câmaras to adopt measures to avoid the concentration of work activities along the EN125 and the by-passes that will be built.

The complete renovation of the EN125, called the Concessão Algarve Litoral, is due to be completed by 2010 with the main aim of  improving safety and cutting road deaths by 35 per cent.

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