Conmen brothers at large in Porto

Businesses are being warned about two conmen brothers at large in Porto. Nélson Castro was due to be heard in S. João Novo court on Monday, and failed to appear, while his brother Valdemar is apparently continuing the scam of asking for change for a forged €50 note. The duo have already allegedly defrauded over 100 businesses, while Nélson is charged with cheating a doctor out of €100,000, writes Correio da Manhã.

The ruse involved breaking into the doctor’s house and stealing a bank card that accessed accounts online.

In just three days, Nélson Castro was able to take “almost €100,000” out of the doctor’s account, explains CM.

Meantime, businesses report that Valdemar has been seen in the Paranhos and Freamunde areas of the city asking for change for a €50 note.