Conman jailed

AN ITALIAN man has been sentenced to more than three years in prison and fined 40,000 euros for crimes he committed nearly seven years ago.

Andrea Bassoli was finally arrested by police in October last year at a Paris airport after an international warrant was sent out for his arrest in 2000.

He was tried in Portimão court over his involvement in five scams involving jewellery, antique and clothes stores across the country.

He was allegedly part of a gang of four, which included his father and two other Italians, who would dress up like wealthy businessmen and dupe salespeople into accepting counterfeit cheques.

Bassoli’s lawyer said he would appeal the sentence and the fine on the grounds that his client was under the influence and control of his father, who is believed to be the ringleader.

Bassoli’s father is still at large, along with one other gang member. The fourth member of the gang was arrested in 2000.

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