Congratulations to São Brás

Dear editor,

Congratulations to the Câmara Municipal of São Brás for their new disabled route initiative; more are needed in the Algarve. Too often pavements are laid with uneven sets, with space taken up with trees, lamps and parked cars.

Both I and my husband have limited mobility and are regularly unable to use narrow pavements riddled with obstructions. As your photo showed, not all disabled are in wheelchairs; there are many different limitations covered by that “disabled” sign.

So please THINK and don’t be selfish like those able-bodied who park in disabled spaces or other areas which limit access spaces.

Mind you, the prize for the most selfish driver must go to the person who parked their van on a wooden ramp provided for people who could not climb the steps to get into Messines church last Sunday!

Kathryn Taylor-Smith
By email