TO MARK the 18 years of The Resident publication, many entities across the Algarve and Portugal have sent us messages of congratulations including Lagoa Câmara President Dr José Inácio Eduardo and the Civil Governor of Faro, Dra Isilda Gomes.

The following are selected quotes from two of the region’s representatives, the President of Lagoa Câmara, where The Resident newspaper is based, and the Civil Governor of Faro, who represents the government in the Algarve. To them and all other friends of The Resident, we thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in the next 18 years!

In his written communication to The Resident, Dr José Inácio Eduardo remembered the creation of the newspaper and the local community’s initial expectations.

“When an English language newspaper, The Resident, was founded 18 years ago in Lagoa, many natural expectations arose as to its role in civil society, especially within the British community,” said Lagoa Mayor. “It soon became clear that it was a publication that would be read not only by British citizens but also by residents of other origins including the Portuguese, Dutch and German”.

Dr José Inácio Eduardo praised The Resident for becoming the link between culturally different people within the same county

Dr José Inácio Eduardo
Dr José Inácio Eduardo

and also for its journalistic integrity.

“The journalistic  work developed by The Resident team has been beneficial to all of us,” he said. “It has contributed largely to the economic and social stability of a municipality where it also helps generate important businesses and diverse activities, creating richness and employment”.

Lagoa Câmara President ended by wishing The Resident a happy birthday and congratulations to all of the staff. “To the 18 years of publication of The Resident that knows how to make a difference”.

Civil Governor

Dra Isilda Gomes, Civil Governor of Faro, also sent her best wishes, describing The Resident as having taken a serious and effective editorial line that has carved new paths and worked as an example of a friendly and solid presence of the British community in Portugal.

The Civil Governor recalled in her letter to The Resident several symbolic historical events through the centuries that have linked the British and Portuguese people as well as praising the publication for its dynamic input into the regional economy.

Finally, the Civil Governor wished The Resident a happy birthday, saying: “I congratulate the director and all of the staff. Also, through this publication I congratulate all of the British community who live in, and love, this region”.

Former Editor

It gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to know that The Resident has reached this important landmark in its history. I have absolutely no doubt that it will continue to play a key role in the life of the Algarve – in its own unique style. I send everyone associated with the paper – many of whom I am privileged to call my friends – my congratulations and my very best wishes for the years ahead.

Brian Adams

RTA president

When reporting news in general or directed to the foreign residents in the region, The

Dr. António Ventura Pina
Dr. António Ventura Pina

Resident gathers cultures and stimulates the diversity of expression. This is definitively a case of success on the Algarvean social communication and, therefore, the Algarve Tourism Board rejoices at it and congratulates the continuity of its edition. We would like to express our deep appreciation for the work done by The Resident, and for their involvement in releasing news in the Algarve.

António Ventura Pina

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