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Conforsinergia Lda

IN AFFILIATION with Algarve Steelbuild, Conforsinergia Lda. is now proud to offer light-gauge steel construction in the Western Algarve including the following services:

• consultation

• project management

• architecture

• engineering

Conforsinergia Lda. is the sole representative of Sto AG for Portugal. As well as their involvement with traditional-built projects, they have been working in co-operation with Algarve Steelbuild. The Algarve Steelbuild system is a revolutionary construction system using light-gauge galvanized steel. There are many advantages to this type of construction including superior structural resistance, increased flexibility, shorter construction phase, and extensive guarantees.

Sto AG dates back nearly 170 years, when the company began as a lime and cement factory in Germany. Today, Sto AG is a worldwide leader in the development, production and distribution of facade renders and exterior insulation systems.

Launched over 30 years ago, StoTherm Classic is acknowledged to be the most successful facade insulation system in the world. It is a tough, highly durable, externally insulated facade system offering proven performance in critical functions, scope of application, and aesthetic appeal. Outstanding features of this system include:

• eliminates thermal bridges which cause internal condensation

• eliminates 100 per cent humidity in walls

•provides very high crack and shock resistance (ten times higher than that of conventional systems)

• resists micro-organisms such as algae and fungus

• reduces household energy consumption by up to 70 per cent  

• provides high weather resistance with components such as expanded polystyrene board and organic plasters

• reduces exterior maintenance

The StoTherm Classic system provides an elevated level of quality for developers and builders in the construction industry, as well as an effective solution for homeowners of older buildings. It is simple and straightforward to install, reliable for planning purposes, and lends itself to different design variants.  It adheres to all types of surfaces including concrete, sand-lime block, brick, porous concrete, or wood, and is available in a range of 800 colours.

Gerard van der Horst has worked in the construction industry in Portugal for many years. He welcomes all enquiries, and is happy to arrange viewings of current projects, without obligation.  Please call: 282 695 025 or Mobile 966 794 854.  Fax:282 695 033 or e-mail: [email protected]