Conference about the Algarve’s Mediterranean flora

A spring conference entitled ‘Algarve Mediterranean Flora’ is taking place from March 23 to 25 at the Hapimag Albufeira Resort.

The Portugal branch of the Mediterranean Garden Society is inviting everyone with an interest in the subject to join them in experiencing the diverse flora of the Algarve in the midst of the spring flowering season.

Lecture topics will cover the scientific background for appropriate plant choices and the creation and day-to-day management of a natural and water-wise garden.

A spokesman for the society said: “This area, the most south west part of Europe, is home to a diverse range of Mediterranean plant families, the varied geology and soils giving a unique and special character to the region.”

The Spring Conference will be an opportunity to see some notable local private gardens and the Hapimag Algarvean native plant garden.

Information on local nurseries and garden centres, recommended walks and good locations to view wild flowers will be distributed at the conference.

For more information, including the conference programme, and to book, please contact Rosie Peddle on email [email protected] or Tel/Fax (00351) 289 791 869.

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