Condominiums to be allowed to produce day-to-day energy

Condominiums are to be allowed to produce their own ‘day-to-day’ energy requirements.

It’s a plan powered by the environment ministry which says it wants to create “energy communities”, particularly those generating solar power.

Any ‘excess’ could be sold to the national grid “depending on various factors”, say reports.

Unexplained at this point is when the changes will come into effect.

Right now, condominiums can only produce energy for ‘common areas’ like stairs, lifts or garages.

The householder energy production sector has been unexploited since changes in the law put many people who might have been interested off, with restrictions and even a requirement to register as an energy producer for tax purposes in order to sell energy back to the grid.

This new tweak to the ‘own production regime’ may reignite interest, and bring welcome new business to solar installation companies.

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