Concert by Archie Shepp Quartet

Tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp is coming to Algarve for a concert on September 12 at Albufeira Municipal Auditorium from 9.30pm.

Saxophone player, composer, pianist, singer, politically committed poet, playwright, Archie Shepp, born in 1937 in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, US, is considered a legend.

He grew up in Philadelphia, studied piano and saxophone and attended high school in Germantown. He went to college, became involved with theatre, met writers and poets, among them, Leroy Jones and wrote The Communist, an allegorical play about the situation of black Americans.

In the late 50s, Archie Shepp also met the most radical musicians of the time Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons, Jimmy Garrison, Ted Curson, Beaver Harris.

His political consciousness found an expression in plays and theatrical productions which barely allowed him to make a living.

In the early sixties he met Cecil Taylor and did two recordings with him which were determining.

Entrance to the concert is free.