Computer deep cleaning service

PC Centre is offering a new computer deep cleaning service from their shops in Lagos and Lagoa.

According to the company, the inside of a computer is like the inside of a car engine.

Lagoa store co-owner Mark Rawcliffe said: “If you don’t get it cleaned and serviced regularly, it will not perform at its best and will eventually break down.”

According to PC Centre, dust and hair begin to hamper the cooling operation and needs of your computer, eventually causing an electrical short or complete burnout of the processor or logic board.

The situation, which can affect all types of computer, can result in expensive repair and replacement costs and even the complete replacement of a computer.

Mark Rawcliffe said: “We can help stop this before it happens and prolong the life of your computer.”

PC Centre recommends a complete clean of the inside of your computer once a year.

The service, which takes no longer than a day for desktops and towers and two days for laptops, nettops and all-in-one computers, includes a complete component strip down, clean and re-build, including a re-application of thermal paste to help the cooling of the system processor.

During the month of June, PC Centre, both in Lagos and Lagoa, is offering Algarve Resident readers a 15% discount on its normal rates and double loyalty points. Make sure you mention the Algarve Resident for your discount.

For more information, please call 282 356 560