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Complementary exams needed before authorities can give results on tragic Rodrigo’s post-Covid vaccine death

Authorities have said they cannot give the results of the post-mortem of the six-year-old child who died following his first shot of mRNA Covid vaccine, as “complementary exams” are needed, which could take a month.

Yesterday, the country was told the results of the autopsy would be conclusive. Today, those results are not sufficient.

“We are doing everything we can to be as fast as possible, but there are complementary exams which need time to be concluded”, Eugénia Cunha, director of the southern delegation of the National Institute of Legal Medicine told reporters. “It doesn’t depend on us, the exams have to be processed. Soon we will have the results, in a month we will have absolute certainty”.

The exams to be performed include “pathological anatomy and toxicology, only then will we be able to cross-reference the information”, she added.

As to the results of yesterday’s autopsy, these cannot be revealed “because of the inquiry opened by the Attorney General’s office (Procuradoria-Geral da República)”.

This harrowing story began circulating on Monday, when Expresso cited the initial observations of the medical team that assisted.

“The child, with no history of illness, was admitted to the Casualty unit during Saturday afternoon with no signs of heartbeat or breathing. In the process of being intubated for reanimation he showed traces of vomit  from apparent choking on food”.

Nonetheless it was also on Monday that national medicines authority Infarmed confirmed reception of “a notification of suspicion of adverse reaction (to the Covid vaccine) related to this death” – and so the country remains on tenterhooks, precisely as hundreds of thousands of children are in the process of completing their vaccinations against Covid-19.

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