Complaint over Portugal’s refusal to honour asbestos directive scheduled for delivery to EU

Fenprof, FAPAS (the fund for the protection of wild animals), MESA (the movement for schools without asbestos) and environmental NGOs Quercus and Associação Zero are ready to deliver a complaint against the Portuguese State for its continued refusal to comply with a European Directive and a national law on the removal of asbestos.

The complaint will be officially presented to Portugal’s representative of the EU on Thursday at 11am.

This is a long-running battle that citizens groups, parents and teachers have with the State which categorically refuses even to divulge the list it has of public buildings that still contain asbestos.

Asbestos has been outlawed since 2005 for the reason that it has been found to trigger a number of diseases and malignant tumors.

Portugal’s concern over the quantity of buildings containing asbestos started in 2014 (click here) at which point it was swiftly followed by warnings that there would soon be a massive increase in asbestos-related cancers (click here).

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