Complaint against Lisbon’s Iman for domestic violence archived

Despite uploading a disturbing photo showing her bloodied face on social media, the complaint that 29-year-old Afghan refugee Nazira Barakzay lodged following an argument with her husband, Sheik David Munir, Iman of Lisbon’s Central Mosque, has been archived on the basis that authorities “could not find evidence of crime”.
When Barakzay appealed to authorities (January 2014), national media stressed that under Islamic law, women are the property of their husbands.
This week’s news that the public ministry is not moving forwards with a case has been welcomed by Sheik Munir, 52, who claims he “always believed in Portuguese justice”.
Munir and his wife continue to live together, say reports, despite the fact that Barakzay accused her husband of twice hitting her in the face with his elbow, leading to her being treated in Lisbon’s Santa Maria hospital.
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