“Complaint” about Portugal goes viral in 24 hours

Riding high on the crest of Portugal’s wave of popularity is a new video, released on Tuesday, that in 24 hours had gone viral, with shares multiplying into the ether. Comedian Guilherme Geirinhas presents his “letter of complaint about Portugal” over three crescendo-building minutes, with the message: “I only wanted Portugal and they gave me the best country in Europe by mistake”…

Not just for its footballers (in all classes of the sport – in fact Geirinhas says that if there was such as thing as orchard football, even with “fruit trees as goals, the title would be ours”.

With the rest of Europe firing without its full complement of cylinders, Portugal is suddenly “unstoppable”… it has won Eurovision, organised the largest entrepreneurial event in Europe (the Lisbon Web Summit), had its NOS ALIVE festival hailed as one of the continent’s best, leading publications like Forbes and the Financial Times have been singing the country’s praises, “every day a new article comes out in the Guardian saying Lisbon is the coolest city in Europe, Porto is the epicentre of culture, the Algarve has the best sunsets”, says the voice-over provided by Eduardo Rego.

“I only wanted Portugal, and they gave me the best country in Europe by mistake…”

As feelgood videos go, this one has gone straight to the top of the class.

See it here:

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