A full house

Competing for a riverfront spot

To complete the rehabilitation project of the Lagos waterfront, the municipal company Futurlagos has sent out a public tender for the granting of four spaces – a kiosk and three bars on the new esplanade.

Located on the upper level of the underground car park adjoining the main Avenida dos Descobrimentos, the municipality plans to turn the new boardwalk into a prime attraction for the town where recreational activities and leisure events will be held.

Tenders to take one of these spaces are now being promoted by Futurlagos and all applications must be submitted by November 2.

Bar leaseholders are obliged to pay €100,000 (payable in eight quarterly instalments) for a period of 30 years plus a minimum €2,000 monthly rental fee from the second year of operation. Under the same terms, the kiosk leaseholder will have to pay €50,000 and a monthly rental fee of a minimum of €1,000.

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