Comparison between Vale do Lobo and Vale do Garrão

Dear Editor,

To point out the differences between Vale do Lobo and Vale do Garrão and to prove how totally unjust it is that we should be expected to pay the same ridiculous rates of bed tax as those levied on the residents of Vale do Lobo, I have prepared a short comparison which I am attaching for your information. 

Just to add another point, if one was to visit Vale do Lobo at this time of year you would note the many Christmas illuminations and the hundreds of poinsettias compared to Vale do Garrão which has one small illumination on the entry arch which we have always had way before Infralobo’s time and the grand total of 17 poinsettias in our one pathetic garden.   

These differences will also apply to Vilas Alvas and Quinta Jacintina. 

I hope these brief notes will help people understand the absolute injustice of the charges that Infralobo are making with the blessing of Loulé Câmara. 

We should also bear in mind that not only are they trying to obtain these unfair taxes but they are also charging us 30% more for our water than in any other region of the Algarve.

Vale do Lobo has well maintained tarmac roads, many mature and well maintained garden areas, shops, bank, post office facility, car hire, two golf courses, tennis academy, restaurants, its own beach area, conference/concert facilities and modern clean rubbish areas.

Vale do Garrão has two roads which have more pot holes than tarmac, one poorly maintained garden area, no shops, no car hire, no restaurants, no bank, no post office facility, no beach area, no golf courses and no tennis academy. It has conference facility only through the Ria Park hotel group and old fashioned rubbish areas which are regularly abused by all the gardeners in the area.

This is just an indication of why we consider it totally immoral that residents of Vale do Garrão should be taxed by Infralobo at the same rate of the residents of Vale do Lobo, especially when we are all paying our IMF taxes directly to Loulé Câmara which should cover the maintenance of the infrastructure of our area.

Tony Cooke
Vale do Garrão