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Company offers new energy solutions

SHS Small Household Solutions was recently established in the Algarve to enable consumers to “take control over their electricity bills”.

SHS offers energy solutions for households, and small and medium enterprises that are expected to cut EDP bills by half, says the company.

Following a partnership with Barclays Bank, SHS Solutions is offering solar panels and batteries that store overcapacity for night use, from between €5,500 and €12,000.

The company says their solar panels have a 25-year lifetime guarantee up to 80% production and 15-20-year guarantee up to 90% production.

A spokesman for SHS said: “When using about 6Kwatt, with EDP you will pay about €400 per month. The SHS 6Kwatt solution costs €8,669 and with our Barclays Lease solution you pay about €212 per month, which is just 50% of your normal costs per month.”

The company also carries out the SHS Consumption Survey to give clients an insight into what they are currently paying and advice on the best energy solution for them.

For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

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