Company investment to increase in 2022

The majority of Portuguese companies expect to increase their investment and apply for European funding in 2022.

According to the FI Group (the international consultancy company which helps manage European public investment programmes), 97% of companies intend to make investments next year, and in the coming years, with development and innovation, productive investment and digitalisation the main areas.

An FI Group survey shows that European funds will continue to play a crucial role in Portuguese company investment in the coming years.

The survey quizzed 104 companies all over the country, with the aim of ascertaining their opinions and perspectives on the Portugal 2030 Partnership Agreement and their expectations on the Resilience and Recovery Plan, and the results are clear: the vast majority of companies (97%) intend to make investments drawing on European funds in the next two to three years.

Looking at the various investment areas, development and innovation account for 14.9%, productive investment (14.6%), and digitalisation (14.6%).

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