Company calls last orders on happy hour

A few hundred warehouse workers and drivers at Danish brewer Carlsberg halted work to protest against a company decision to limit beer drinking at work to lunch breaks.

The strike in Denmark followed the company’s decision to introduce new rules for employees on beer drinking at work, said Jens Bekke, a worker from the Carlsberg Company.

“There have been free beer, water and soft drinks everywhere. Yesterday, beers were removed from all refrigerators. The only place you can get a beer in future is in the canteen, at lunch,” said Jens Bekke.

He also said that “there would be no shipments from Copenhagen and delays in the rest of the country. I expect the financial effect of the strike to be a minor issue”.

He added that Carlsberg’s trucks have alcohol locks so drivers would not be able to drink too much and drive.

Source: www.reuters.com