Companies expect job numbers to grow in first quarter of 2018

A larger number of Portuguese companies are expecting to hire more people in the first quarter of 2018. So says a study by employment agency Manpower, which asked 627 companies in Portugal if they were expecting to hire more staff between January and March of next year.

While only 16% answered that they did plan to take on more people, Manpower presented the results in a positive light saying that it is the highest percentage since the agency started conducting the study in the third quarter of 2016.

Further data shows that most of the companies that are looking to hire are located in the south of Portugal (18%), followed by the centre (13%) and the north (12%). The percentages are lower in the greater metropolitan areas of Lisbon (11%) and Porto (9%).

“Transportation, logistics and communications” are the sectors in which companies are expected to hire the most (30%), followed by agriculture, forests and fishing (21%).

The study also found that large-scale companies will be hiring the most (21%), followed by small and medium-sized enterprises (15%) and micro businesses (6%).

Manpower conducted the study in 43 countries, with Portugal being the 13th where the job creation expectations are highest alongside Greece.