Community fighting for answers

Issues concerning local residents and business owners in Carvoeiro, in the Lagoa council, have been taken to the Junta President, Jorge Pardal, by a representative of Vozes Intensas Associação de Comerciantes, the town’s association for business owners and residents.

At a meeting held for English-speaking residents on February 3, a number of concerns were raised about Carvoeiro, including the level of security in the town.

Cláudia Boto took the issues raised at the meeting to Jorge Pardal on February 7.

She told the Algarve Resident: “The main subject concerning people in Carvoeiro is security and so Jorge Pardal has sent a letter to several entities including Lagoa Câmara, Faro Civil Governor and the GNR commander of Carvoeiro.”

The letter states that there is a “lack of security” in the town and refers to vandalism, the threatening nature of groups of youths who congregate at the weekends in the town and even mentioned the death of a Portuguese man following a fight on December 23 (see the Algarve Resident, edition December 31)

“The safety of people is a constitutional right, while the safety of tourists in Carvoeiro is fundamental to be able to secure the income that they provide which is so important for the town,” said Jorge Pardal in his letter.

The solution to the problem, as seen by the Junta and by the association, is to increase police presence in Carvoeiro.

A meeting of the association, to be held at a date to be confirmed in March, will address this issue directly as the group have invited a member of the Carvoeiro GNR, Jorge Pardal and a representative from Lagoa Câmara to speak with residents.

While security is a priority for the town, improving the general appearance to boost visitor numbers is also important.

Cláudia Boto said: “Plans have been approved to tidy up the entrance to Carvoeiro including clearing land to make space for cars to park, replacing the rubbish bins with underground ones, making a new garden area at the entrance and putting in a speed bump on the first zebra crossing into the town.”

Other issues raised at the meeting included the lack of parking and signs to show where parking is permitted.       Daisy Sampson

For further information about the association, please call 919 469 285 or email [email protected].