Communists slam “deplorable conditions” at Lagos GNR station

Portugal’s communist party (PCP) has questioned the government about the “deplorable conditions” of some GNR police stations in the Algarve, most notably in Lagos.

According to the PCP, the station is riddled with “seepage problems, crumbling walls and ceilings, rotten doors and a strong smell of mould in some rooms”.

The party adds that the station’s cells are “inactive”, meaning any detainees have to be transferred to Vila do Bispo.

The conditions of its living quarters are also “unacceptable”. Says PCP, one of the GNR agents who lived in the station a few years ago suffered a “pulmonary infection” due to the “inadequate living conditions”.

The communists also condemn the “insufficient number of agents” at Lagos’ station, saying it needs at least four or five more to function adequately.