Communists demand urgent strategy review of Beja’s “ghost airport”

In stark contrast to the news that national airports are currently bursting with passengers (click here), Beja’s “ghost airport” continues practically deserted. Thus the communist party (PCP) has urged the government to carry out an “urgent review” of the airport’s strategic plan to justify why it was built back in 2011 in an investment that represented €33 million (click here).

The draft resolution was presented in parliament this week, signed by PCP’s 11 MPs, including party leader Jerónimo de Sousa.

Besides demanding a revision of the airport’s strategy, the party also wants the government to come up with a medium- to long-term plan to create an “aeronautic cluster” that links the airport to other nearby infrastructures and businesses.

The PCP stresses that there have been talks for over four years of setting up a “dismantling and maintenance” service at the airport “but nothing has been done”.

The communists also say Portugal’s strategic plan for transports and infrastructure (2014-2020) includes a €3 million investment in the airport but does not explain what it involves, and that the previous PSD/CDS-PP government created a working group to review the situation at Beja airport but that the recommendations have always been dismissed.

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