Communists act over “destruction” of Lagos’ Dona Ana beach

Portugal’s Communist Party (PCP) has put forward a draft resolution urging the government to stop the controversial €1.8 million sand replenishment project that has brought howls from all quarters from those who say it is “destroying” the natural beauty of Lagos’ Dona Ana beach.

“If this project isn’t stopped, the destruction of this stunning maritime landscape will have serious consequences on the beach’s international status and will hurt its image beyond repair,” said the PCP statement.

It’s a race against time, however, as the replenishment efforts are expected to be completed this month.

Environment minister Jorge Moreira da Silva has said the work is “vital and wise” and will help increase the security of beach-goers – keeping them away from cliffs.

But environmentalists, like association Almargem say the project is a “crime approved by the government that will destroy” the beautiful beach, serving “only to protect the interests of the tourism industry”.

The sand filling plan, which involves 140,000sqm of sand channeled onto the beach, was scheduled to begin six years ago but had to be revised and only recently received the green light.
Until the work is completed, the beach and its parking and access routes are partially closed to the public.

It is yet another initiative pushed through by Polis Litoral – the public entity that has recently lost its bid to demolish 800 homes of fishermen and island dwellers in Ria Formosa.