Communist party questions opening of slaughterhouse

The Communist party (PCP) has questioned the government once again about the opening of a slaughterhouse in the Algarve, requesting information regarding previous studies that began in March last year and which have remained undisclosed to date.

The problem was highlighted again at a meeting on Monday between PCP and Ascal – Cattle Breeders Association of the Algarve.

At the meeting, the leaders of Ascal claimed that a slaughterhouse in the Algarve is an essential element for beef promotion in the region.

It might be necessary since the animals’ transportation to the Alentejo region is becoming unaffordable for meat producers and the nearest slaughterhouse is more than 100 kilometres away.

The PCP has asked for information about the opening date of the Algarve’s slaughterhouse, requesting to know about its location and capacity.